Rinnai Infinity 26 Converting to Natural Gas NSW promotion

Supply & Install NSW $1,399.00

Supply Only


This promotion is applicable to our NSW customers only:

Never run out of hot water again by converting over to a Natural Gas Rinnai Infinity 26 Continuous Flow Hot Water System!

To be eligible for this promotion you must be in NSW converting to a Natural Gas hot water system.
So you would be either converting from LPG to Natural Gas or from an electric hot water system to natural gas.

This promotional pricing allows for the following

Maximum of 10m of 20mm gas pipe to be run

Installation of an outdoor powerpoint

Installation of a continuous flow valve kit

Note promotional pricing is subject to site inspection to confirm above criteria has been met. Additionally site inspection assures installation meets plumbing and gas codes.

Conditions to installation

Must be in the same location as the previous hot water system

Must be considered to be a legal location for a hot water heater to be installed.

Must be located in one the many areas we service in NSW

Benefits of Natural Gas Hot Water

Reduced carbon emmisions. Natural gas hot water produces half the amount of carbon emmisions compared to coal powered electricity

Never run out of hot water again. No need to worry about who has the last shower because it will not be cold!

Small foot print. Continuous flow products are extremely small allowing you more space

Product Details

Type: Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

Capacity: 26 litres

Model number: REU-VRM2626WG

Temperature Preset: 50°C or 60°C.

Star Rating: 6

Location: Outdoor


Warranty Information (warranty conditions apply)

Heat Exchanger
12 year warranty on the heat exchanger
3 year warranty on labour

Parts and Labour
3 year warranty


Height (Including brackets): 571 mm

Width: 350 mm

Depth: 194 mm

Additional information