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Apricus Heat Pumps & Hot Water Systems

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Hot water systems and heaters are the single most energy-intensive appliance in your home, which is why anything you can do to reduce your energy consumption and heat your water more efficiently will make a world of difference in the long run for your energy bill.

Solar hot water systems are an excellent way to reduce your hot water energy bill. In fact, a quality solar hot water system can more than half the cost of your household energy, while reducing your carbon emissions and increasing the value of your home.

When thinking about solar hot water solutions, few brands can compete with Apricus. At Same Day Hot Water Service we offer a full range of services for Apricus solar hot water systems, from sales to installation, maintenance and repair, making us the perfect place to make the switch to a more energy-efficient hot water system. 

Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

Apricus Australia is a relatively young brand when considering the hot water system market. Founded in 2003 it has since grown into a leader in the solar energy space, winning an impressive range of awards for their innovation and design. Today, it is a renowned supplier of high-quality, innovative and energy-efficient solar hot water systems in Australia, made specifically for local conditions. Whether you are looking for savings on your energy bill or to reduce your carbon footprint, Apricus is an excellent choice as a hot water system.

What makes Apricus a preferred solar hot water systems brand in Australia?

 Apricus has become one of Australia’s go-to hot water system solutions since its conception. Its reputation as a leader in the solar heating space has grown over the years due to a number of key features:

  • Australian made, for Australian conditions. Australia’s climate and environmental conditions are unique, from scorching hot days to high UV levels, having a hot water system that is adapted to these factors is vital to ensuring efficiency and quality in the long run. Apricus is made in Australia, specifically for local conditions, making it an excellent choice as a hot water solution.
  • Quality designs. Apricus hot water systems are not only innovative and efficient, but they are also made to last. Manufactured with quality materials they are built to withstand years of use and include smart features such as simple designs and easy installation.  
  • Significant savings on your energy bill. Apricus hot water systems are extremely energy efficient, saving you up to 80% on your home energy bill compared to non-solar varieties.

Apricus Hot Water System Installation

At Same Day Hot Water Service we offer complete services for Apricus appliances. If you are looking for the right system for your home or business we offer easy purchase options and expert advice on what water systems best suit your requirements. Once you’ve made your choice we provide professional installation, maintenance and repair to ensure that you always have access to the hot water you need.  

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