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Hot Water Systems Brisbane

Same Day Hot Water Service has spent four years providing expert services to clients across Brisbane and South East Queensland. Since our inception over 30 years ago, our growing family-owned company has brought replacement, new installations, top-quality repairs, professional advice, efficient service, and the lowest price possible to happy customers Australia-wide. Our highly recommended hot water systems are available to Brisbane locals, who have enjoyed the same-day difference for the past four years.

Our online store has a large range, so we have exactly what you need to get your water running hot. By using the same people for the whole process, you will save money with the best price and time thanks to our efficient manner. Our sales team can quickly identify what may be going wrong with your old unit and provide expert advice to deliver the new unit to you as soon as possible. We offer a full range of hot water services in Brisbane, including sales, installation, service and repair. Our quality services are backed by our expertise in hot water products, making us one of Brisbane’s most sought-after providers of hot water systems.

Shop Hot Water Systems Online

  • Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump APHP-R290-260

    Supply Only $3,200.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,900.00VIC $3,200.00QLD $3,200.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Aquatech Rapid/X6 210 litre

    Supply Only $3,000.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,600.00VIC $2,800.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Dux 32 Litre continuous flow

    Dux Always Hot 32 Litre (Non-Condensing)

    Supply Only $2,720.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,800.00QLD $2,850.00WA $2,750.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Dux Ecosmart 200 litre Heat Pump

    Supply Only $3,800.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $3,300.00VIC $3,500.00WA $3,500.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Dux Ecosmart 285 litre Heat Pump

    Supply Only $4,000.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $3,500.00VIC $3,700.00WA $3,700.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Envirosun/Enviroheat Heat Pump Plus Water Heater Model 250EH1-15

    Supply Only $2,800.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,600.00VIC $2,900.00WA $2,500.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Envirosun/Enviroheat Heat Pump Water Heater Model 200EH1-14

    Supply Only $2,600.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,400.00VIC $2,700.00WA $2,300.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • EVO150-1 Heat Pump

    Supply Only $3,500.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $3,200.00VIC $3,500.00WA $3,400.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)

Hot water systems supplier in Brisbane you can count on

A quality hot water system is one of the most important appliances in your home. Ensuring you get the right one is vital to your comfort, energy consumption, and electricity or gas bill. Whether your property needs electric, natural gas or solar hot water systems, we can provide prompt repairs or replacement so you don’t have to experience cold showers. We also install continuous-flow hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems.

To help you to select the perfect new hot water system, we only stock high-quality, reputable brands that have proven themselves on the market, including Rinnai, Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Aquamax and Vulcan. If you are unsure which system best suits your property, please get in touch with one of our dedicated customer service representatives in Brisbane. Using our expertise in the field, we can help advise you on which type of water heater will best suit your requirements and ensure that you quickly get the system you need.

Brisbane Wide Same-day new installations 

If you’ve already chosen, we offer same-day installation across Brisbane, meaning you can install it in your home within the day. Our service professionals are highly trained at delivering and installing your new hot water system with minimal disruption to your day.

Hot water is an essential comfort of modern life. If your hot water system fails and your hot water runs out, it can be disastrous. We ensure you have the best hot water system, from the heat pump to the fuel source, for your property and situation to experience reliable, consistent and efficient heating water. Once you’ve decided on a hot water system, we can have it installed within 24 hours, making us one of the most convenient suppliers of hot water systems Australia-wide. Our experts are the best in the business, ready to deliver your system and answer any questions about its use and maintenance.

No matter your needs, our services are available 24/7 with fast, same-day installation, repair and maintenance available across the city.

Get your hot water system repaired or replaced

hot water system replacement

Hot water is easy to take for granted until you take an ice-cold shower in winter. Our Brisbane hot water repair and maintenance services ensure that your malfunctioning hot water system is repaired or replaced within the day to get you back on your feet quickly. There is nothing more frustrating than getting up in the morning and finding out that your hot water doesn’t work, which is why our hot water plumbers provide prompt service and reliable hot water system repair to get you back in the shower in no time. If your hot water system needs to be replaced, we can deliver and install a high-quality unit within the day. We can diagnose whether the issue is coming from your water heaters, tempering valves, gas hot water supply, or elsewhere and get your hot water running so you can get back to life. We can replace your hot water system, fix your existing one, or remove your old one to ensure your water is running efficiently and that your new system is ready to go.

Your hot water system questions answered

The best type of system changes between households and situations. For some, gas or solar may not be available, so a water heater or electric system will be best. Gas is often a better choice for larger households, with the option to install larger tanks. Our friendly team can work with you to determine the best choice for your situation.

Portable hot water systems have several uses at home and outdoors to cut through germs and dirt, grease and grime, and are essential for long-term camping trips or RV use. A wide range is available, and generally, a gas water heater will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

There are four main types of water heaters and hot water tank systems. Solar-boosted systems are boosted by either gas or electricity and receive most of their energy from the sun, making this the most efficient. Households with this type of heating may be eligible for government rebates (call our team for more information). Good quality gas water heaters are the next best option and may be the best option for larger households. If gas or solar isn’t available to you, a heat pump or electric tank system is the next in line to provide reliable, good quality and consistent supply.

The cost of replacing your system with a new hot water unit relies on a few different factors. A gas hot water system will have a different price point than a solar supply, and so on. We provide prices based on system type or brand so you can stick within a budget, and one call to our friendly team for a free quote will leave you feeling confident about your options.

Healthy hot water systems shouldn’t make any noise; if yours is, chances are you’re due for a checkup or service. Any sounds that aren’t normal to come from your hot water systems, such as popping, hissing or groaning, need immediate attention. Most hot water systems will come with a pilot light or emergency beep system to let you know when something is wrong with the mechanisms. Some other things to look out for include

  • Water is leaking from the system.
  • The system is rattling or shaking.
  • The pilot light is malfunctioning.
  • You consistently run out of hot water
  • The water pressure is unstable.
  • The system is making strange or loud sounds.
  • The water heat is unstable.
  • The water has rust or has dirt in it.
  • The water is running cold.

If any or multiple of these issues occur, contact our friendly team for our same-day service to avoid costly or difficult repairs in the future. If your water runs cold, that is considered an essential service, and our emergency team can be there to help.

We service all over Brisbane and South East Queensland. To check if we can get to your area, please get in touch with us.

Contact us today for same-day hot water installation or sales

Whether you are looking for an electric water heating system, replacement of your old hot water system, need a repair on your solar water heaters or want to discuss instantaneous hot water systems, our certified professionals are available to help 24/7. We can discuss potential government rebates, the best products for your situation, and more. We provide quality, honesty, a very professional service, and same-day hot water services when you need them most to sites all over Brisbane.

Call us today for friendly service, expert help and perfectly tempered water.

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