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Gas Hot Water Systems

The price of a gas hot water system depends on the size and brand. See our product range below to view all prices.

Continuous Gas Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

All You Need To Know Guide For Your Gas Hot Water System

A gas hot water system is a tankless hot water unit that warms the water simultaneously as it passes through the system, supplying a virtually endless stream of reliable hot water. A good quality system will reduce your energy consumption, lower your running costs and make your hot water use environmentally friendly. Your house must be connected to a gas main line using a gas-powered unit.

A natural gas water heater is non-intrusive and takes up less space than electric hot water units, making it suitable for apartments and small homes. With long-lasting designs, double the lifespan of other water hot water heaters, cleaner and fresher water, and less room for bacteria and damage – natural gas hot water systems are the number one choice for many homes and businesses nationwide.

An instant gas hot water system provides a continuous flow of hot water at the perfect temperature by heating a heat exchanger with a natural or LPG gas burner. With a water heater running on gas – your water will run from the hot tap right when you need it, and big families, long showers or lots of visitors are no longer an issue. You can have cold or hot water on demand, different temperatures set for different rooms, reliable and consistent energy bills, and be free to use more hot water than ever before.

Make the Switch to Natural Gas Today

Interested in replacing your hot water system to enjoy an LPG gas system’s efficient perks and low running costs? Look no further than Same Day Hot Water Service.

Our unbeatable prices on water systems and our high-quality service make us the best supplier of natural and LPG gas hot water systems Australia-wide. Same Day Hot Water Service offers a supply-only or supply and installation option on all major brands so that you can choose the most affordable and appropriate service for your hot water needs.

Most hot water systems are available in natural gas or LPG, and we stock all major manufacturers in our range, including exclusively Australian-made brands such as DuxVulcan, & Aquamax, along with popular international brands RheemRinnai. We can order any specific LPG gas models for particular gas storage tanks on request if you don’t find what you need in our range.

Most gas storage hot water systems are mainly pressure-based, which means high flow rates are maintained when multiple hot water outlets are used. If you’re looking for a  hot water system with better energy efficiency or if it needs an upgrade, read on for more information.

Everyone in the Same Day Hot Water Service team is here to help get your gas hot water flowing perfectly as soon as possible.

Natural Gas Hot Water Systems – for Households Large & Small

There are many things to consider when selecting a new hot water system for your home. The best system for you may not be the same as your neighbour’s or friend’s, and there is more to consider than just the position of the hot water outlets.

In choosing the best hot water system for your household, consider:

How much hot water do you and your family need?

Something that may get overlooked but is important to consider is the recovery rates and the storage capacity of your water system. Though a hot water tank may have a physical storage capacity of 155L, it can deliver much more water than that amount in the first hour.

For example, Aquamax Gas Storage and Rheem Stellar Gas Storage offer low-flue products that use twice-burnt gases. Thereby increasing the recovery rate and energy efficiency of these systems. Four-star gas products still have great recovery rates even without the low-level flue. As a result, most people generally don’t run out of hot water with these water systems.

Where will the tank be located in your household?

Hot water systems come in various sizes to suit even the smallest space. You can plan your water heater or storage tank to suit your space aesthetically and practically, and you can choose to install it near the washing machine, in the garage or on the exterior of your home. It’s important to minimise the distance between your water heater and the hot water outlet you use most to reduce water and gas consumption.

The temperature that your water flows from your water heater can be altered to suit what is most efficient and preferred by your household. The cost won’t increase with heat or run through as quickly as it may with an electric hot water system.

Our team can give you tips to make your system run as efficiently as possible within your home with the best placement and location to lower the running cost and improve the heat of your water.

What is your budget?

Same Day Hot Water Service offers great pricing on all gas storage hot water systems. Different gas hot water systems have a range of costs depending on quality, warranty, and efficiency. Your budget can be spent on what is most important. For example, if you focus on getting the best warranty in the gas storage water system market, you would be interested in looking at Aquamax Gas Storage tanks with a 12-year warranty.

Are you interested in a hot water system that is 100% Australian-made? These manufacturers – Dux, Rheem, Vulcan, and Aquamax – make the gas storage water systems right here in Australia. We can work with you to provide the entire system – including the water heater, gas burner, heat pump and storage tank – that will suit your short- and long-term budget. Water systems running on gas are more expensive to install than electric hot water heaters but will cost less in the long term with more reliable and predictable expenses.

Extended Warranties for Your Peace of Mind

Gas hot water systems generally last up to 12 years, depending on the elements’ stress level and the use rate. We offer extended warranties from 7 to 12 years, depending on the brand of hot water system you choose, so you can rest assured that you will not run out of heat anytime soon.

As with any machine or system, heavier usage will cause greater strain; however, the elements used in these types of water systems are built for hot temperatures and daily use. We can recommend the right hot water system for your area considering if your water is ‘hard’ or ‘soft’, what you will use your water heater for the most in your home, and the space available for a tank. If the water in your area is particularly ‘hard’, more regular maintenance will be required to extend the life of your hot water system.

We’ve Got You Covered

If your tank has become noisy, rusty or slow, or if your water is running cold, too fast or sludgy – your hot water system needs maintenance. Our experienced team can help by recommending the best gas water heater or new hot water system for your household, performing repairs of all shapes and sizes and scheduling regular maintenance to keep your gas hot water unit running perfectly.

Your energy efficiency, energy bills, and quality of hot water will be the best they have ever been in both the short and long run with one of the systems from our range.

Want to find out more information about a particular gas hot water system? We are happy to help.

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