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Hot Water Systems Melbourne

Same Day Hot Water Service is one of Australia’s largest online retailers of hot water systems.

Our range of hot water systems includes gas, electrical and solar hot water storage, continuous flow hot water systems and heat pumps.

Our hot water experts carefully select our products to include only the best quality brands, including RinnaiBoschDuxRheemVulcan, Aquamax, etc.

If you’re unsure which hot water system is best suited to your home, give us a call to talk to one of our dedicated customer service representatives. We aim to help you decide which product best satisfies your requirements and budget, ensuring that you get a great price for the exact hot water system that you need.

Browse Hot Water Systems Online

  • Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump APHP-R290-260

    Supply Only $3,200.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,900.00VIC $3,200.00QLD $3,200.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Aquatech Rapid/X6 210 litre

    Supply Only $3,000.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,600.00VIC $2,800.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Dux 32 Litre continuous flow

    Dux Always Hot 32 Litre (Non-Condensing)

    Supply Only $2,720.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,800.00QLD $2,850.00WA $2,750.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Dux Ecosmart 200 litre Heat Pump

    Supply Only $3,800.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $3,300.00VIC $3,500.00WA $3,500.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Dux Ecosmart 285 litre Heat Pump

    Supply Only $4,000.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $3,500.00VIC $3,700.00WA $3,700.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Envirosun/Enviroheat Heat Pump Plus Water Heater Model 250EH1-15

    Supply Only $2,800.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,600.00VIC $2,900.00WA $2,500.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Envirosun/Enviroheat Heat Pump Water Heater Model 200EH1-14

    Supply Only $2,600.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,400.00VIC $2,700.00WA $2,300.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • EVO150-1 Heat Pump

    Supply Only $3,500.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $3,200.00VIC $3,500.00WA $3,400.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Evo315-C Evoheat Heat Pump

    Supply Only $4,700.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $4,700.00VIC $5,000.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Fisher & Paykel/Haier 200 litre

    Supply Only $3,900.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,600.00VIC $2,800.00WA $2,600.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Fisher & Paykel/Haier 250 litre

    Supply Only $4,100.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,800.00VIC $3,000.00WA $2,800.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Hydrotherm Dynamic/X8 Gen 5 260 litre

    Supply Only $3,200.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $2,900.00VIC $3,100.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)

Melbourne-wide Hot Water Services

Loved by happy clients across Sydney for the past 30 years, Same Day Hot Water Service is now servicing Melbourne, bringing reliable hot water services, lower energy costs, and new hot water installations to residents all across the city. We take pride in serving our customers with top quality, value, expert selection, great service, and a product line featuring the best. Not only do we make the top brands publicly available with same-day shipping, but our hot water services extend to include installation and expert hot water repairs to provide reliable, consistent, and efficient hot water.

Whether your water heater has stopped working, if you consistently run out of hot water and aren’t sure why, if you want to switch from an electric system to a gas continuous flow hot water system or need the installation of a brand new hot water system, we are here to help, every person within our team are hot water experts, from our maintenance and repairs specialists to our sales team and installation crew. With expertise and decades of combined experience, we can set up or repair your hot water, from selecting the right water systems to maintaining the equipment. We pride ourselves on providing fast, hassle-free, high-quality, and superior service.

We Get Your Hot Water Running

Any Melbourne resident knows how essential hot water is in the cooler months, and there is nothing worse than waking up for a hot shower or coming home from a long day and having the water run cold. Our hot water specialists are available to ensure your water never runs cold.

We can now service Alphington, Bundoora, Coburg, Coburg North, Fairfield, Kingsbury, Macleod, Northcote, Preston, Reservoir, and Thornbury. Whether your current system is failing or you need a new installation, please don’t delay. Please call our friendly team to get your hot water running today.

Let Us Install Your Hot Water System

Vulcan 400L electric hot water system

Hot water is an essential comfort of modern life. If your hot water system fails and your hot water runs out, it can be disastrous. We ensure you have the best hot water system, from the pump to the fuel source, for your property and situation to experience consistent and efficient heating water. Once you’ve selected from our range of hot water systems, Same Day can have it installed within 24 hours, making us one of the most convenient suppliers of hot water systems Australia-wide. Our hot water experts are the best in the business, ready to deliver your hot water system and answer any questions about its use and maintenance. More than just installers, our team can diagnose an array of potential issues in your hot water units and fix them on-site so you can get back to normal life as soon as possible.

CALL NOW for same-day hot water service, repair or installation Melbourne Wide

For over 30 years, we have been Australia’s largest online hot water retailer and the number one source for hot water systems, hosting the best brands. We are dedicated to bringing you the best available units, top-quality maintenance and hot water repairs, expert installation and competitive costs. Whether you need gas fitters, installation of any hot water system from a hot water heater to continuous flow hot water systems or a storage hot water system, we will have you covered.

We’re in the business of providing excellent around-the-clock service. If you’re looking to buy a brand new hot water system or need a repair on your current system, our certified professionals are available to help 24/7. We can discuss potential government rebates, the best products for your situation, and more.

Contact us now on 1300 721 996 for a free quote or to discuss your water needs. We provide quality, honesty and same-day hot water services when you need them most.

We are in Melbourne

Address: 23 Centofanti Pl, Thomastown VIC 3074

Your Hot Water System Questions Answered

The cost of replacing your hot water system relies on a few different factors. Gas hot water systems will have a different price point than solar, and so on. We provide prices based on the type or brand so you can stick within a budget, and one call to our friendly team for a free quote will leave you feeling confident about your hot water options.

There are four main types of hot water heaters and systems. Solar boosted systems are boosted by either gas or electricity and receive most of their energy supply from the sun, making this the most efficient. Households with this type of hot water heating may be eligible for government rebates (call our team for more information). Good quality gas hot water units are the next best option and may be the best option for larger households. If gas or solar isn’t available to you, a heat pump or electric tank systems are the next in line to provide good quality and consistent hot water supply.

All hot water systems need a water heater to make the water hot. The mechanisms of the heaters depend on what type of hot water unit you have. A tankless unit or gas hot water systems work by drawing in air, opening the gas valve and igniting the flame. A tank storage water heater will bring a continuous flow hot water once you turn on the tap, the water is then heated by a heating mechanism at the bottom of the tank

Natural gas is an instantaneous flow that works with time efficiency a consistent ability to capture heat. This type of water heater works by a temperature gauge monitoring the water within the insulated tank and heating with a flame once cooled. Gas can be cheaper to run and replace than an electric water heater but can have a more expensive installation process and be less environmentally efficient, with the water maintaining continuous flow hot water.

Electric unit systems are available for more diverse use and are high efficiency, with options for large or small usage, and will only heat the water when needed. Electric systems are perfect for a single or double-person household, but large families may struggle with waiting for the water to heat up after continuous use. Electric systems don’t need a large water tank or big storage systems and are suited for smaller spaces. Unlike gas, these systems will impact your electricity bill. The cost of maintaining this type of unit is higher than that of gas.

Generally, if gas is available to you, a gas hot water system will be the cheapest to run, with the cost not impacting the electricity bill. If gas isn’t available, electric hot water systems are a close competitor, with the water only heating when needed. A tank that will store the hot water is the most efficient option for larger households, but if your hot water usage is sporadic or low, a system that only heats with the usage may be a better option. Our specialists can work with you to determine the best option for your specific household and situation. There are many factors to match the many different available hot water systems, and we can determine what will be best for you in the long run.

Hot water systems can last for up to 12 years, and regular servicing will go a long way in avoiding a breakdown at the most inconvenient time. Non-serviced hot water systems may need bigger repairs in the future, be noisy during use, not heat the water consistently, or break down. Having a qualified plumber look over your system, storage tank, temp, and pressure valve once a year will save you time and money long term.

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