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At Same Day Hot Water Service we understand better than most just how high Australian electricity prices can be. With your hot water systems contributing a significant portion of your home’s energy costs it is one of the best places to look into for investing in energy-efficient solutions.

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air outside your home and transferring it to refrigerant coolant, which then compresses and produces a large amount of heat. This system results in far less electricity used to heat your water than conventional hot water systems.Sanden has developed some of the highest quality and most reliable heat pumps available on the market today, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch to more energy-efficient hot water systems and save money on their energy bill. At Same Day Hot Water Service we offer Sanden sales, installation, maintenance and repair, everything you need to ensure you’ve got hot water all year round.

Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

Sanden has more than 50 years of experience in heat transfer technologies, making them one of the best-known brands on the heat pump system market. A Japanese-owned global business, Sanden brings the innovation and high manufacturing standards of the country to everything they do, creating one of the most advanced, energy-efficient and reliable hot water heat pump systems in the world.

What makes Sanden Heat Pumps one of Australia’s top choices as a hot water system?

Sanden hot water heat pump systems use industry-leading technology to provide some of the most efficient and reliable hot water systems in the world. Some of Sanden’s top features include:

  • High Coefficient of Performance. Sanden requires radically less electricity to heat water than conventional systems, in fact, it uses around 0.84 kW of energy to produce 4.99kW of heat, making it extremely energy efficient.
  • Excellent heat recovery. Sanden heat pumps have an excellent rate of heat recovery, up to 50% faster than typical heat pumps.
  • Low operating costs. A Sanden Heat Pump uses 80% less energy than traditional hot water system, saving you significant money on your energy bill and reducing your household carbon footprint.

Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Installation

At Same Day Hot Water Service we offer the full range of services for our Sanden customers. If you are looking for a new hot water solution Same Day Hot Water Service can provide you with expert advice and excellent prices on all our models. Once you’ve made your choice we offer same-day installation, maintenance and repair, to ensure you’ve always got the comfort of hot water in your home when you need it most.

Looking for the right hot water system today?

Contact Same Day Hot Water Service today on 1300 721 996 to buy and install your new Sanden heat pump, or for repair and maintenance of your existing system. We specialise in fast response times, ensuring that we get your hot water up and running quickly and conveniently.

Prices listed next to each heater* are for supply and install in the Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Melbourne areas only. Supply & Install prices are for like for like installations. Tempering valve if required is an additional $185.00

Delivery Information

All of our Sanden Water Systems have Nationwide delivery and in the majority of cases shipping is free!

ATTN QLD & WA customers: Please contact our Referral Agents for installation information

Gold Coast
Call Alex from ABA Budget Plumbing on 0408488661 for installation information.
Call Mitchell Plumbing & Gas on 07 3733 3622 for installation information.
Sunshine Coast
Call Jayson on 0416114086 for installation information.
Call Nathan from Plumb IT Geelong on 0400758629 for installation information.
Call Paul from Affordable Group Tasmania on 0428 390 244 for installation information.
Call Prins Plumbing & Gas on 0416253242 for installation information.
Call Phil from O’Brien Plumbing Tuggeranong on 0416310318 for installation information.

Sanden Heat Pumps

  • Sanden 250 Heat Pump (Stainless Steel tank)

    Sanden 250 Heat Pump (Stainless Steel tank)

    Supply Only $6,750.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $6,550.00VIC $6,750.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)
  • Sanden 315

    Sanden 315 Heat Pump (Stainless Steel tank)

    Supply Only $6,950.00
    Supply & Install
    NSW $6,750.00VIC $6,950.00
    Buy Now Supply & Install (NSW/VIC/QLD)

Interested in Heat Pumps?

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Same Day Hot Water Service supplies and installs Sanden hot water systems in these areas:

The Hills

Central Coast


We also cover some of the Hawkesbury and Hornsby areas.

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