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Ever since our inception over 30 years ago, our growing family-owned company has been delivering new hot water systems, installations, top quality repairs, professional advice, efficient service, and the lowest price possible to happy customers Australia wide. For our decades of operation, our expert hot water system installation, experienced team and passion for bringing prompt and friendly service has remained the same.

Rheem MPIHot water is one of the primary necessities of a comfortable life, which means that any disruption to its flow can be extremely inconvenient. That’s why we have designed our customer support model to be as responsive and convenient as possible. Our ability to offer same-day support for any and all of Perth’s hot water system needs makes us one of the most popular service providers in the city. If your hot water system has recently stopped working or you’re looking for a new one to replace your ageing system, Same Day can help. In Perth, Western Australia, we offer hot water system sales, installation and repairs, making us a convenient supplier for anything related to hot water systems.

Our customer service representatives and technicians are available 24/7, making it simple and convenient to get the hot water service you need.

Hot Water Systems Perth Supplier

The hallmarks of a great hot water system are reliability, performance and energy efficiency, however, without expert help, it can be different to discern which water systems are high quality and fit well into your property and lifestyle. To help simplify the process Same Day Hot Water Service offers customer support for anyone looking for a little assistance with their choice. Our representatives are trained to listen to your needs and offer the best choice for your situation, to save money and improve your water quality in the long run.

We only stock market proven major brands that we trust, such as RinnaiBoschDuxRheemAquaMax and Vulcan. We offer a wide range of products including gas hot water systemselectric units and solar hot water heaters, heat pumps and continuous flow systems.

Hot Water Systems Installation

We offer same-day installation across Perth, meaning that you can have your new unit installed in your home within the day. Our professionals are highly trained at delivering and installing your new hot water system with minimal disruption with your day left unchanged.

Hot water is an essential comfort of modern life. If your hot water system fails and your hot water runs out, it can be disastrous. We make sure that you have the best hot water system for your property and situation so that you can experience reliable, consistent and efficient heating water. Once you’ve decided on a hot water system, we can have it installed within 24 hours, making us one of the most convenient suppliers of hot water systems Australia-wide. Our experts are the best in the business, ready to deliver your system and answer any questions you might have about its use and maintenance.

Replacement and Repairs

Rinnai logoHot water is something that is easy to take for granted until you find yourself taking ice-cold showers in the middle of winter. Our Perth hot water repair and maintenance services ensure that your malfunctioning hot water system is repaired or replaced within the day, to get you back on your feet in no time. There is nothing more frustrating than getting up in the morning and finding out that your hot water doesn’t work, which is why our team provide prompt service and reliable hot water system repair. If your hot water system needs to be replaced we can deliver and install a high-quality unit within the day. We can diagnose where the issue is coming from in your existing unit, water heater, tempering valve, gas hot water supply, or elsewhere. We can perform your hot water system replacement, fix your existing hot water system, prevent heat loss or remove your old hot water unit to ensure your water is running efficiently and that your new system is ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of replacing your system with a new hot water unit relies on a range of different factors. Gas hot water systems will have a different price point than a solar supply, and so on. We provide prices based on system type or brand so you can stick within a budget, and one call to our friendly team for a free quote will leave you feeling confident about your options.

There are four types of cost-effective hot water heater options and hot water tank systems with different abilities to heat water and save energy. Solar boosted systems are boosted by either gas or electricity and receive most of their energy supply from the sun, making this the most efficient. Households with this type of heating may be eligible for government rebates (call our team for more information). Good quality gas hot water systems or hot water heaters are the next best option and may be the best option for larger households. If gas or solar isn’t available to you, a heat pump or electric tank systems are the next in line to provide reliable, good quality and consistent supply.

Gas hot water systems are powered by natural gas, and solar hot water systems can be boosted by either gas systems or electric systems such as electric water heaters, but gain most of their energy from the sun.

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Whether you are looking to install continuous flow systems, storage hot water systems, gas hot water systems or hot water heaters to save energy or money, our certified professionals are available in Perth to help 24/7. We can discuss potential government rebates, the best products for your situation, and more. We provide quality, honesty, a very professional service, and same-day hot water services when you need them most, to sites all over Perth,

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