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Wollongong Hot Water Systems, Repairs & Installations

Hot water is an integral part of any contemporary home, something that we usually overlook until we are forced to take a cold shower in the morning because the old system broke during the night. If it does happen then no one wants to wait weeks to get their hot water back, which is why at Same Day Hot Water Service we have worked hard to make our services as fast and convenient as possible.

No matter what your hot water system needs are, Same Day Hot Water Service can help. We offer the full spectrum of hot water services in Wollongong, from hot water supply and installation to old system replacement and repair.

Same Day Hot Water Service has built a reputation for fast, reliable hot water services in Wollongong by offering expert support with very little lead time, meaning that none of our customers is left with cold showers and miserable mornings for very long.

Hot Water Systems Supplier Dux hot water systems

A good hot water system is one of the creature comforts that we would find very hard to live without. A broken or inefficient hot water system not only affects the comfort of our customers, but it also hurts their energy bills, which is why quality systems are so important in the long term.

At Same Day Hot Water Service we have made ourselves one of the top suppliers of hot water systems in Wollongong by only stocking reputable, quality hot water system brands. Some of our top systems include Rinnai, Bosch, Dux, AquaMax, Vulcan and Rheem. No two hot water systems are exactly alike and there is a big variation between different types such as continuous flow systems and electrical, gas or solar, and heat pumps. This is why we aim to make the decision-making process as simple as possible for our clients by offering expert advice on which systems are best suited to their homes and budgets. 

Hot Water Systems Installation

Once you chose a hot water system from our range, Same Day Hot Water Service can come in and install it anywhere in Wollongong with very little lead time. On the day that you call our technicians can come in and get everything set up to give you hot water in no time. 

Hot Water Systems Service and Repair

Not only do we supply new hot water systems, but we are also experts at repairing them. Whether you have a leaking Rheem hot water system or an aging Rinnai we are just a phone call away from coming in to take a look and make the necessary repairs. 

Emergency Plumbing Services

Our expertise in plumbing extends beyond just installing or repairing hot water systems. We are also experts at providing emergency plumbing services for everything from blocked drains to malfunctioning pipes, making us one of the top choices for emergency plumbing repairs and services in Wollongong.

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