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Hot Water System Installation

Having access to clean hot water is one of the great comforts of modern living. Often, people don’t realise how important hot water is to the functionality and comfort of life until it stops working. We are experts in all things hot water from solar hot water systems, electric hot water systems, heat pumps or gas hot water systems, and we can get your water flowing hot in no time.

Rheem Hot Water System Installation

Our team of licensed plumbers can bring expert independent advice to get the best from your systems. We can diagnose whether your hot water heater, heat pump, tempering valve or tank mechanisms are the problem, quickly and with ease. Our same day service is straightforward, professional and reliable, whether you’re getting a hot water heater installation or a simple hot water system repair.

For a free quote, an emergency plumber, or for service or repair on anything from solar hot water systems to the repair of a broken pipe, contact our friendly team today on 1300 721 996.

Same-Day Service Hot Water System Installation & Repairs

We have built our stellar reputation through years of dedicated service for our customers, offering a large range of top tier brands to choose from. Once our customers have chosen the hot water system that best suits their needs, our technicians can come in and install it that day, meaning that there is very little downtime between deciding you need a new hot water system and having it installed in your home. Our service includes free quotes, an emergency plumber whenever you need one, a licensed and experienced team and top quality workmanship, every time.

The Benefits of Working with our Hot Water Experts…

Same-Day service & installation with a fast lead time

This service enables our customers to choose their new hot water system, have their existing hot water system removed and their new one installed faster than any other supplier on the market. Our service offers installation of any hot water system that we supply, allowing us to get your hot water up and running when you need it most.

Experienced technicians

Dux Electric Pro Flo

Our experienced technicians are highly qualified in hot water system installation along with a host of other plumbing concerns. This gives them an in-depth knowledge of how water is circulated throughout a home and the best way to install your hot water system, ensuring you have reliable hot water all year round.

World-renowned brands

Your hot water is something that you will use every day, which is why having a high quality, reliable and energy-efficient hot water system should be a top priority. Our plumbing experts hand select each brand that we sell, using years of experience in the field to ensure that we only supply the best hot water systems to our customers. We offer a large range of world-renowned hot water brands including RinnaiBoschDuxRheemAquaMax and Vulcan.

Large range of hot water systems

Our service allows you to choose the hot water system that best suits your home and your lifestyle. Our technicians are experts in installing a wide range of hot water systems, including heat pumpselectric storagegas storagesolar, evacuated tube and instantaneous/on-demand &  continuous flow hot water systems.

Responsive ongoing support

There is little more frustrating than waking up in the morning only to find that your hot water system has suddenly stopped working as it should. Along with hot water installation, our service also offers emergency repairs and replacements, meaning that if your hot water system breaks, our technicians can be at your door to fix it within the day.


How much should it cost to have a hot water heater installed?

The installation cost will change based on the brand and type of your new system, as the installation process, design and layout, and features of the system may be different from others. Additionally, the prices may differ between hot water heaters, hot water systems, the tempering valve type and other hot water repair needs. The experience and know-how of our team keep the installation costs down through fast and thorough work, and our top quality brands and installation mean fewer repairs are needed throughout the life of your system. For a free quote on how much it will cost to have your hot water heaters or heat pumps installed, give our friendly team a call on 1300 721 996.

Can you install hot water yourself?

Hot water heater installation methods and prices can change depending on whether you have solar hot water systems, gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems, or solar hot water. In some states and with particular products, hot water systems, including the heat pump, hot water heater and tanks must be installed by professional services to maintain warranty and safety certifications. Having your hot water system installed and repaired by a professional will ensure that the system is operating how it should, without any leaks from gas or water, and that the hot water heaters will keep the optimum temperature. Having licensed plumbers complete the work will save on plumbing costs and avoid needing a repair service in future.

Where to install the water heater?

The placement of the hot water heater and systems must be strategic to allow good pressure and fast hot water in every shower and tap. Hot water systems that are installed in the garage of a two-storey house may struggle to reach the upper-level showers. Consider where the hot water will be needed the most, and plan for your systems to be installed there. Additionally, hot water systems and the tank must be in an easy location for a plumber to access in case of service or repair.

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