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Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems

Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems

The Solar Edwards hot water heater has now been absorbed into the Rheem group of companies and is no longer manufacturing water heaters.

Solar Edwards hot water systems are solar hot water heaters made with a marine grade 316 stainless steel cylinder and high efficiency panels.

The Solar Edwards range of hot water heaters had both systems in hiline and loline models. In earlier years, all of their cylinders were made of stainless steel. As time went on and Solar Edwards joined with Rheem, vitreous enamel was used for their loline range. Here is the Media Release about the integration of Solar Edwards and Rheem companies.

Solar Edwards L series Solar Hot Water heater Hiline

One of the advantages of the stainless steel hiline range was the simplicity of their design. Working through the process of thermosiphon (link to blog section thermosiphon) heat from inside the panels would rise up into the hot water cylinder then cold water from the cylinder would fall down into the collectors. Because these systems had no moving parts for their solar heating there is very little that can break down. This coupled with the stainless steel cylinder it makes the Edwards Hiline an ideal solar hot water heater.

Edwards also had their range of LX exchange systems that incorporated a heat exchanger build into the hot water cylinder itself. Through this design it would prevent water inside the panels from freezing in cooler climates using a mixture of glycol and water.


Edwards L series Solar Hot Water heater

Edwards Loline Solar Hot Water Heater

The later Solar Edwards loline system was a Rheem rebadged hot water heater coupled with black aluminium tray collectors. There was no need for roof restrengthening as only light weight panels would be installed of the roof.

Edwards Heat Pump

Edwards had their own range of heat pumps in the 310 litre and 325 litre capacities. These hot water heaters also were a rebadged product from the Rheem range.

Though these hot water heaters are no longer being manufactured, Same Day Hot Water has a range of spare parts to suit. We are the hot water professionals when it comes to getting your Solar Edwards hot water heater back up running. Call us today!

Interested in more information about any of the Solar Edwards hot water models?

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