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Quantum Hot Water Systems & Heat Pumps

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A bit about Quantum Heat Pumps

Quantum was one of the original producers of heat pumps in Australia. Dating back to 1975, research was done by the University of Melbourne for the development of heat pump technologies in production of hot water. Today, Quantum is not only at the forefront of heat pump technologies but also leaders in the heat pump market.

The Quantum heat pump is not only great for the environment, but is also great for your hip pocket. With reduction by up to 75% when it comes to your heating bill, it is a no brainer to choose a Quantum heat pump for Same Day Hot Water to install for you.

Based on approximate energy tarrifs and usage
How much hot water is used in the average Australian household?

Reasons why to choose the Quantum Heat Pump for your hot water system -

  • The Quantum heat pump has the highest recovery rate in the heat pump market. This, if correctly sized means you won’t run out of hot water at the end of the day
  • Great for use in poor water conditions
  • Easy installation especially when replacing an existing electric storage hot water heater
  • Quantum are the original heat pump manufacturer and have been manufacturing heat pumps for over 30 years. The company continues to manufacture a reliable, depenable, and high performing product and are at the forefront of heat pump technologies today.
  • Reduce your energy costs by up to 75%
  • These heat pumps do not need booster elements and can operate at temperatures as low as -10 degrees.
  • Solar with out solar panels as the technology uses the heat in the air rather than the sunlight

Quantum Heat Pump Products

Quantum has the largest range of heat pump technologies in Australia.

Their range of products includes the following heaters:

Compact 150L                      Model Number: Domestic 150-08ACW-134

Download Technical Specifications

Compact 200L                      Model Number: Domestic 200-08ACW-134

Download Technical Specifications

Compact 270L                      Model Number: Domestic 270-11AC4-134

Download Technical Specifications

Compact 340L                      Model Number: Domestic 340-11AC4-134

Download Technical Specifications

Split 270L                               Model Number: Domestic 270-11AS4-134,

Split 340L                               Model Number: Domestic 340-11AS4-134,

Titan Compact 340L          Model Number: Domestic 340-17ACW-134

Warranty on Quantum Products

All hot water heaters come with a 5 year warranty on the cylinder and compressor

Refrigeration components come with a 2 year warranty

Relief valves come with a 1 year warranty

Quantum has been established for over 30 years in heat pump technologies.

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