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Electric Hot Water Systems

Same Day Hot Water Service supply and install a variety of electric hot water systems Australia wide. Our expert team with over 30 years of industry experience will ensure you receive top-quality service and reliable hot water solutions. Browse our electric hot water system range below to find the right system for you.

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All you need to know about your electric hot water system 

An energy-efficient, reliable and dependable hot water system is an essential aspect of any modern home. Nobody wants to arrive home to the water running cold or the hot water heater making strange sounds. With an electric hot water system or heater from our reliable range of systems – your hot water will remain energy efficient, your running costs will be cheaper or more predictable, and your household will be running how it should.

An electric heating method is available as a continuous flow system or instantaneous system, and it works much like a kettle – where the water is heated through an internal element within the insulated storage tank. Continuous flow systems only heat the water when the tap is turned on to keep your water hot at the same time as lowering your energy bills.

The size of your electric storage system can depend on how much hot water your household uses. Electric hot water systems and hot water heaters can come in many different sizes depending on your space and are made by trusted brands to bring you peace of mind.

Electric hot water systems are the most common type of system and are the cheapest to purchase with generally the lowest installation costs. Everything, right down to the water tank can be selected with different functions and sizes depending on what will best serve your lifestyles – such as a small tank for apartments and a larger tank for busy households.

Feel free to browse below to gain more information on our services and the units within our range. Many of our systems will make your home or commercial space cheaper to run, make your water run more efficiently than usual, and can be installed indoors, in small units, garages or backyards.

Explore our commercial electric hot water systems here.

Read on to gain an idea of how an electric hot water system will store and heat water to choose the best hot water system for you.

How an electric storage hot water system works

An electric hot water system stores the water inside a tank, which is then heated by an immersion element. The element is energised by a thermostat, which will turn off the element once the desired temperature (above 60 degrees) has been reached.

Electric storage hot water systems have a pressure relief valve needed for expansion. This expansion is then relieved through a relief valve or a cold water expansion valve.

How an instantaneous electric hot water system works

An instantaneous electric hot water system heats the water as it flows through the system. This is achieved by a slower water flow rate combined with added electricity to heat the water quicker than that of a storage tank.

Brands of Electric Hot Water Systems

Here at Same Day Hot Water Service, we generally try to use Australian-owned and manufactured products. Fortunately, most large-capacity electric storage tanks are made right here in Australia! Rinnai has a manufacturing facility in Melbourne Braeside. Rinnai still has some products manufactured in China. Rheem has a vitreous enamel factory in Sydney Rydalmere. In addition, Rheem has an Aquamax/Stainless Steel factory in Moorabbin, Melbourne. Rheem also owns a manufacturing facility in Vietnam that manufactures some of their small-capacity electric storage hot water heater range. Dux has their manufacturing facility south of Sydney in the suburb of Mossvale Southern Highlands of NSW. Additionally, Dux has some of their small capacity electric storage hot water heater range manufactured in factories in China.

Instantaneous electric hot water system brands include Wilson, Zip, and the most common in the market, Stiebel Eltron.

On & Off-Peak Prices – Explained

Off-Peak/Night Time Tariff

Off-peak/nighttime tariff heating usually heats water between 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Off-peak electricity is made available during the off-peak period when there is a surplus amount of electricity available. Depending on where you live in Australia affects the cost of off-peak power. However, in many cases, the cost is significantly less and can be half that of regular electricity. The best electric water heaters suited for off-peak power tariffs are large-capacity electric storage tanks with a capacity of 250 litres, 315 litres, or 400 litres.

Shoulder Tariff/ Off-Peak 2

The shoulder tariff has an additional heating cycle during the day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In return for allowing you to heat your water during this period, the power companies usually charge you two-thirds of your peak costs. Off-peak 2 can be used for electric storage heaters with capacities of 125 litres and 160 litres. The Off-Peak 2 tariff is commonly used to heat water for larger families when the off-peak simply is not enough.

Peak Load or Continuous Power

Peak load or continuous power is the most expensive of the three tariff types, as you have 24-hour access to electricity. In most cases, this power cycle is used for electric storage tank sizes from 25 litres to 160 litres. This tariff is especially popular in apartments and townhouses.

Extended Warranties for Peace of Mind

Warranty varies based on the brand of electric hot water system you choose, along with the material the tank is manufactured with, but generally ranges from 7-12 years. Electric storage hot water tanks are available in both stainless steel and vitreous enamel.

A sacrificial anode protects vitreous enamel electric storage tanks. For most of the country, the sacrificial anode is usually made from magnesium. In some parts of Australia, where there is a higher level of total dissolved solids within the water – the sacrificial anode is made from aluminium. As the name suggests, the anode sacrifices itself for the tank’s longevity.

Energy Efficiency & Instantaneous

Instantaneous electric hot water systems are approximately 25 per cent more efficient than electric storage hot water systems. However, the water is significantly slowed down as it must flow through the system.

Although electric storage tanks are not quite as efficient, they are still extremely good at holding heat. Even after a few days, an electric storage hot water system will still provide a usable hot water temperature.

Electric hot water systems are the most common type of hot water system for good reason. To discuss how our range of systems and units can mean cheaper electricity prices and more reliable hot water – contact our friendly team today.

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