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All about Gas Storage Hot Water Systems from Same Day Hot Water Service

Interested in replacing your gas hot water system? Look no further as Same Day Hot Water Service has great unbeatable prices on gas hot water systems going along with providing our high-quality service. Same Day Hot Water Service offers supply only and supply and installation on all major brands of gas storage hot water systems. The main manufacturers of gas hot water systems are: Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcan and Aquamax. Most gas hot water systems are available in both Natural Gas or LPG. Though if you are interested in LPG model for a particular gas storage tank just let us know as it needs to be specially ordered. Additionally, the majority of gas storage hot water systems are mains pressure which means high flow rates when multiple taps are being used.

Are you looking at upgrading to a more efficient gas hot water system? Has your current gas hot water system has stopped working? Whatever the reason you are in the market for a new gas hot water system Same Day Hot Water Service is here to help.

Here are some things to consider to help you decide which gas storage hot system is most suitable for you and your family:

How much hot water you and your family need?
Something that may get overlooked but is important to consider is the recovery rates in addition to storage capacity. Though a tank may have a physical storage capacity of 155L it can actually deliver much more water than that amount in the first hour. For example, products like the Aquamax Gas Storage range and Rheem Stellar Gas Storage range offer low level flue products that use the burnt gases twice. Thereby increasing the recovery rate and efficiency of these gas hot water systems. Even without the low-level flue, four-star gas products still have great recovery rates. As a result, the majority of people generally don’t run out of hot water with gas hot water systems.

Tank location
Where is your gas storage hot water system located? Sometimes there are not too many suitable options. Though just something to keep in mind that minimising the distance between the hot water system and the hot water outlet (especially the kitchen sink) will reduce both water and gas consumption.

Same Day Hot Water Service offers great pricing on all gas storage hot water systems. Just like with everything else there is a range of cost for different gas hot water systems depending on quality, warranty, and efficiency. So, if your focus is on getting the best warranty in the gas storage hot water system market, then you would be interested in looking at Aquamax Gas Storage tanks which has a 12-year warranty. Are you interested in a gas hot water system that Australian made? These manufacturers – Dux, Rheem, Vulcan, and Aquamax – make the gas storage hot water systems here in Australia.

Warranties for Gas Storage Hot Water System range from 7, 8, 10, and 12 years depending on the brand.

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