Instantaneous Hot Water & Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters

Do you have an instantaneous hot water system that is no longer manufactured in Australia that needs service? Read more to find out how Same Day Hot Water can be the solution to your hot water woes.

Over the years there have been many instantaneous hot water manufacturers who have come and gone from Australia. So one would then assume that this makes getting service for your old existing hot water heater very difficult? Well not to worry, you have come to the right place. Here at Same Day Hot Water we are experts at getting you back in hot water. Whether you have a Junkers, Vaillant, Pyrox, or Bayard 10 you can rely on us to get you back in hot water fast.


Vaillant Hot Water logo


Vaillant, also known as Pyrox, is a German manufacturer that was established in 1874 by Johann Vaillant. The company took on some instantaneous market share especially in the 70’s and 80’s, but packed up Australian operations in the early 90’s.

Fun Fact: In 1894 Vaillant was one of the first pioneers of water being heated by gas through pipes which did not subject you to potential harmful gases.

Old Vaillant natural draught instantaneous in bathroom


The above image shows an old natural draught Vaillant inside a bathroom. This is now illegal.

Old Vaillant instantaneous hot water heater


This is one of the more typical Vaillant instantaneous hot water heaters. You may possibly find this type of unit in your house.


Junkers sometimes pronounced Yunkers is very similar to the Bosch Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Junkers instantaneous hot water heater