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Open Circuit Hiline

  • Rheem 52L300-2NPT

    Rheem 52L300/2NPT Solar Hot Water Heater

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  • Rheem 52L300-2NPT

    Rheem 52H300/2CS07 Solar Hot Water Heater High Efficiency Panels

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  • Rinnai330

    Rinnai 330 Litre Stainless Steel 2 Panel

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    Solahart 302L Solar Hot Water System

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Closed Circuit Hiline (Jacket or Glycol)

  • Rheem 52L300/2C507

    Rheem 52H300/2NPT Jacket or Glycol Solar Hot Water Heater

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  • Rheem 52L300/2C507

    Rheem 52H300/2CS07 Jacket or Glycol High Efficiency Solar Hot Water Heater

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    Solahart SP Series 300 Litre Jacket or Glycol Solar Hot Water System

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Solar Hot Water system Types & Brands:

The main brands for solar hot water systems are Rheem, Solarhart, Dux, Rinnai, and Apricus.

Same Day Hot Water Service supplies, installs, and is able to service your solar hot water system. We are here for all of your solar hot water system needs!

The types of Solar Hot Water systems and Panels include: Loline, Hiline, Antifreeze, Selective surfaces, Evacuated tubes, and Flat plate.

Why choose a solar hot water system?

There are a few key factors that affect customer’s decision to pick a solar hot water system. Whether it is saving money on your energy bill, environmental reasons, or the system is required for the minimum standards for house construction. Though a solar hot water system is usually expensive upfront they will pay for themselves in energy usage saved. So, if saving money is the main reason you would like to switch to solar hot water, we are happy to help you look at the figures for your particular situation. This way you can see how long it would take you to recoup the upfront cost. Usually customers are surprised that the timeframe is a few years or so depending on your usage.

How does a solar hot water system work?

Well there is not a simple answer to that question as it depends on the type of solar hot water system. The loline system is a split system with a pump and controller mounted to the tank. This pump pulls cold water from the bottom of the tank into the panels on the roof. Once the water has become hot it gets circulated back into the tank where it is stored.

The hiline system is a system that is all on the roof. A hiline system works through a process called thermosiphon. Thermosiphoning is the process of hot water rising and cold water falling in the panel and the tank. As a hot water specialist, I prefer the hiline system as this product has no mechanical components to circulate water. In turn no mechanical parts mean less things can go wrong with the hiline solar system.

Depending on climate, if frost is an issue in your area, an antifreeze valve or glycol panel would be needed to keep the system working properly through those cold winter months when you really want to make sure you have hot water.

Evacuated tubes work by heat being trapped in a vacuum of the glass. Then the heat is transferred into the manifold via the heat probe.

Selective surfaces are an ultra-absorbent material for the flat plate panel which is extremely conductive and high efficiency.

Want more information about solar hot water systems?

The Same Day Hot Water Service team is here to help. If you are interested in general information about a solar hot water system or have specific questions about a particular model phone us now and we are happy to help. Call us now!

  • Pricing is subject to site conditions and onsite inspection.
  • Note: laundry, apartment, and cupboard installations will likely require onsite quotation and may not be subject to advertised pricing due to complexity of works.
  • Supply & Install prices are for like for like installations.
  • Supply & Install prices include removal of old system.
  • Supply & Install products purchased by credit card are subject to an additional 1% surcharge.
  • Open air free parking space will need to be provided by customer at the same location as the installation. Additional charges may apply if this cannot be provided.
  • Additional ($90.00 Incl GST) cost for installation of a cold water expansion valve if required.
  • Hot Water Systems may require a 20% restocking fee.
  • Non 50˚C preset models require a tempering valve ($185.00 inc GST) if feeding bathrooms or general hand washing areas.
  • Additional ($90.00 inc GST) cost for installation of 15mm Duo Valve if required.
  • Additional ($110.00 inc GST) cost for installation of 15mm Pressure Limiting Valve if required.
  • Additional ($65.00 inc GST) cost for Concrete Slab or Pizza Base if required.