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8 Reasons Why a Continuous Flow Hot Water System is Worth It

Rinnai hot water system

Getting a new hot water system isn’t as simple as people sometimes first expect.

One thing that often surprises people is that there are so many types of hot water systems to choose from. Gone are the days when it was a simple choice between basic electric or gas. Technological advancements and innovative systems mean there are a lot of options to suit a variety of needs today.

The continuous flow water heater is a popular choice by plumbers and property owners alike. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the fuss, here’s everything you need to know to help make your decision.

What is a continuous flow hot water system?

Traditionally, hot water systems heated up water that was stored and kept hot until it was needed. Continuous flow water heaters, however, heat up water as needed by pushing cold water through heated copper piping. You may have also heard it referred to as ‘tankless’, ‘on demand’ or ‘instantaneous’ hot water systems.

Popular brands include Rinnai, Dux, Rheem and Bosch. If you’re trying to choose between brands like Rinnai and Rheem for your next continuous flow systems, you may be swayed towards Rinnai after learning that they are the original inventors of this hot water system.

To see a full list of the types of continuous hot water systems that are available, click here.

Who are these hot water systems best for?

Continuous flow water heaters are ideal for small to medium-sized homes to make the most of all its benefits. If you have a large home with lots of occupants (eg. more than 5) or use far more than the average amount of hot water in a day, then you may need multiple systems to keep up with the flow rate and demand.

Once you start adding extra systems, however, the benefits (like lower energy consumption, space-saving and less maintenance) start to decrease and may not outweigh other traditional systems quite so much. For this reason, the system works best in small to medium-sized settings, usually catering well for up to 5 people.

8 Reasons why continuous flow systems are worth it

1: Energy efficiency

Of all the many benefits that continuous flow systems have, energy efficiency tops the list at number one.

Traditional systems that rely on tank storage have to continually keep the water warm, ready and waiting for you to use it. This means the system is using fuel to heat on and off all throughout the day (and night).

By heating water only on demand, continuous flow heaters remove this need altogether and use significantly less energy to run. In fact, the difference of switching to an instantaneous gas hot water system reduces your greenhouse gas emissions caused by water heating by approximately 75%!

2: Continuous hot water

There’s nothing worse than getting into the shower and realising someone else has used up all the hot water. Or being interrupted mid-hair wash by cold water, realising you’ve been in there far too long.

These are problems that don’t exist with tankless hot water systems. The ‘continuous flow’ part of the hot water system is one of the most popular benefits that come with it. You can essentially run your hot water forever (though we don’t recommend that in the name of water consumption!)

3: Space-saving

Continuous flow hot water systems are compact and about the size of a small suitcase. There’s no large storage tank or roof panels involved and it can be installed flush against a wall.

Aesthetically speaking, continuous flow water systems are the best for the exterior of your home.

4: Less maintenance

With no solar roof panels or tank storage, there’s also a lot less maintenance to worry about with a continuous flow hot water heater. Fewer parts equal less maintenance, particularly when you consider that a storage tank or solar panels are more exposed to the elements compared with a compact continuous flow system on your wall.

5: Works day or night

Unlike a solar hot water system, a continuous-flow water heater will work just as efficiently at any time of the day or night. As most of the systems run on gas, there’s also no worry about electricity peak and off-peak times either.

6: Longer lifespan

Continuous-flow hot water systems typically have longer lifespans than tank storage systems.

A high-quality continuous hot water system should last up to 20 years, with warranties varying from 10-12 years. In comparison, a traditional hot water storage tank system has a lifespan of roughly 10-12 years, with warranties varying from 5-10 years.

7: Better water quality

With a continuous flow water heater, your water isn’t sitting in a tank for long periods of time. While the risk of rust, scale or sediment being picked up from the water in a well-maintained tank is low, it is absolutely zero with a continuous-flow hot water heater.

8: Rebates and incentives

Instantaneous gas hot water systems are evidently highly energy efficient. With an investment in reducing carbon emissions, various state Governments offer rebates and schemes to encourage homeowners to make the switch. Click here to search the full list of rebates and incentives that are available all over the country.


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