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Ensuring Your Commercial Electric Hot Water System is Compliant

Commercial Hot Water System - Novotel

A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners

Whether you’re running a small office or a gym with showers in the locker room, hot water is an essential asset to almost any business. Choosing the right system for your business ensures both reliable water and that your money is well invested. Let’s take a look at the regulations you need to be aware of when installing a hot water system and also some other helpful information for commercial hot water heaters.

Key factors to consider when installing a commercial electric hot water system

Whether you’re installing a new hot water heater or have bought a property with an existing heater, you’ll need to be sure that everything is up to code. Compliance with government regulations not only helps ensure your unit is safe, but it can also help you avoid any nasty fines down the track. Below is some information you’ll need to be aware of that will help you choose the best system for you.

Regulations for installing a commercial electric hot water heater

There are a few requirements necessary for every hot water heater installation. These include the following:

  • A licensed plumber or specialist must install your heater.
  • It must be installed in a well-ventilated area.
  • Installations must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Your unit needs to have a minimum 500mm clearance from combustible materials.
  • The system must be installed with a minimum 600mm clearance from any access door or window.
  • All electrical connections must be made to the applicable Australian Standard.
  • All hot water systems must be fitted with an approved temperature and pressure relief valve.
  • All hot water systems must be fitted with an approved temperature and pressure gauge.

If you’re buying a pre-existing property and some of the above information isn’t available, it’s worth having a plumbing or hot water heater specialist look at your property to ensure everything is up to code.

Hot Water Temperature

In Australia, stored water needs to be at least 60 °C. This well exceeds 55 °C, which is the maximum temperature bacteria can breed at.

However, most state governments require the water leaving your tap to be no hotter than 50 °C. This applies to taps, showers and any other readily available water. While this sounds counter-intuitive, the reason for this is to prevent scalding hands from the tap alone. This is especially important for your safety and that of your employees and any clients or customers who may use your facilities.

So, the question is, how do you keep water stored above 60 °C while having it leave your tap 10 degrees cooler? Your plumber can install a temperature valve which will help solve this problem.

Cost Considerations

How much is the right amount to spend on an electric hot water system comes down to several factors. First, you need to make sure your system size can handle your needs. There’s no point saving a few bucks on a system that won’t get the job done. You also need to consider both the initial and long-term costs. Some products which are initially more expensive may actually be cheaper to run and maintain, which will save you money over time.

Electric hot water heaters can vary in price and can vary depending on the brand, size and type. If you’re unsure of what is the best choice for your business, we recommend having a professional inspect your workplace and offer you their expert opinion.


The best way to avoid major issues is to have a professional who regularly services your unit. This not only helps your hot water heater stay in the best condition but also allows a professional to catch any potential issues early. Like most problems, the earlier you detect and fix a problem with your heater, the less trouble and money it’ll cost you. Making this part of your yearly routine will ensure your hot water stays reliable and working at its best.

Government Rebates on Solar and Commercial Commercial Electric Hot Water System


Are there any government rebates available for hot water systems?

At the time of writing, the Australian Government offers a rebate under the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target. To qualify for this, you’ll need to install solar panels or have a solar hot water system. State governments often have their own rebates, so check with your local council to see if there are offers you can claim.

How long can I expect my unit to last?

This will depend on both the type of unit you buy and the quality of the brand. A standard electric hot water system typically lasts between 8 and 15 years, whereas a tankless system can last between 15 and 20 years.

Same Day Hot Water Services is your professional hot water team

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