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NSW Energy Savings Scheme: Hot Water System Rebate

Need to reduce your cost of living? Or maybe you’re more interested in how you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Right now, you can save over $1000 to upgrade your electric hot water system to a more efficient hot water system.

What is the NSW energy savings scheme?

The New South Wales energy savings scheme is designed to financially assist households in upgrading their hot water systems. They are encouraging using energy-efficient hot water systems by paying for most of the cost of switching from a traditional, electric hot water system to a new solar or heat pump water heater.

They currently offer up to $1200 for eligible households for an electric hot water system replacement or $350 for a gas hot water system replacement.

Who qualifies for this rebate?

You need to contact an approved supplier to determine if you are eligible for the Energy Savings scheme.

As an approved supplier, our Same Day Hot Water team can help you determine eligibility and quote you for an energy-efficient heat pump or solar hot water system. We can provide a quote and all the information you need to switch to greater energy efficiency and cheaper energy bills.

Energy Savings for Businesses

Some businesses are also eligible for the Energy Savings Scheme.

Replacing your hot water system for your business will help you:

  • reduce your electricity bill
  • reduce your carbon emissions
  • reduce your environmental impact

If you want to learn more about the NSW Energy Savings Scheme for businesses, contact us, and we can help you discover whether your business is eligible and what savings are on offer.

How to get your hot water heat pump rebate

Suppose you want to upgrade your hot water system and take advantage of the Energy Savings Scheme for your home or business. In that case, the first step is to contact an approved supplier.

Approved suppliers (like us!) will check your eligibility and give you a quote for your system upgrade. They take care of the application process and the rebate for you.

How much can you save on a hot water system?

Same Day Hot Water can offer eligible households and businesses up to $1200 off their hot water system upgrade and $350 for a gas system replacement through the NSW Energy savings scheme.

In 2022, the NSW government added a minimum co-payment of $30 for households and businesses. Your out-of-pocket expenses may depend on the new hot water system you choose and if any additional plumbing is required.

To know how much you can save, contact us about your hot water system replacement today.

Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

The rebate covers two types of hot water systems: Heat pump water heaters and solar hot water systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are the epitome of renewable energy sources. Solar systems harness energy from the sun for power, returning exceptional savings on your energy bill.

We have a wide range of solar hot water systems and offer upfront pricing on all our brands. Our leading brands include Rheem, Solarhart, Dux, Rinnai, and Apricus.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat pumps use refrigeration technology to draw heat from the surrounding air to heat water. Typically, they use 60-75% less electricity than traditional hot water systems.

Our major heat pump hot water systems brands include EvoheatRheemDuxQuantumRinnai, Midea, Reclaim, and Stiebel Eltron.

Upgrade Your Water Heat Pump Today

If you are ready to switch to a solar or heat pump hot water system and start saving on your hot water bill, contact us to find out what your house or business is eligible for.

Our Same Day Hot Water system team can supply, service and install all your hot water needs.

Whether you are replacing an existing electric hot water system or want to upgrade your water heating options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contact our friendly team of plumbing professionals today.

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