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6 Signs Your Gas Hot Water System Needs a Service

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Maintenance and upkeep are the key to keeping your gas hot water system running well for a long time. The number one way you can maintain your hot water system and catch any issues early, is to have it professionally serviced on a regular basis.

Problems with you hot water system will only get worse when ignored, so it’s best to have regular servicing to nip problems in the bud.

So, let’s take a look at the top six signs it is time to have your gas hot water system serviced.

1. Inconsistency with temperature from your hot water system

It’s the reason you install a hot water system in the first place, so if there’s no heat in your water, or your system has been fickle lately, your best bet is to get a service for your hot water heater.

Possible reasons for inconsistent water temperatures

  • Faulty heating element
  • Tempering valve
  • Issues with your pilot light
  • Build-up of sediment

2. Leakage from the hot water tank

Any leaking from your storage tank needs to look at, as it can be both a symptom of a problem as well as the cause of future issues, such as weak water pressure and rust in your storage tank.

Systems that leak are not only bad for your hot water, but they can also cause major damage to your home and can be dangerous when in contact with electricity.

3. Lack of consistency with water pressure

Noticing that when you turn on the tap that the water pressure is not quite right?

Working taps, showers and other plumbing should have a consistent pressure that you can predict. A weak flow or any spluttering may indicate an issue with your hot water system. It can be a sign of sediment build-up in your hot water system tank.

4. Strange noises coming from your hot water system

Water heaters are large appliances, and it’s normal for them to make some noises when operating. However, there are certain sounds that you should be concerned about.

Odd noises that warrant having your system checked

  • Knocking or banging: This is sometimes known as water hammer and can be a result or water pressure from water stopping or changing direction. This can have enough force to burst the plumbing, so it’s worth getting it checked.
  • Rumbling: May be a sign your tank has a build-up of sediment which can affect efficiency.
  • Popping: Another sign of sediment build-up.
  • Sizzling: Could be a sign of a leak or trouble with the element
  • Operating noises getting louder: Your heater may need a part replaced or is reaching the end of its lifespan.
  • Any noise that’s out of the norm: If you’re not sure about a noise, play it safe and get it checked.

5. Pilot light issues

The pilot light plays a pivotal role in a gas hot water system, as they’re the ignition source for more powerful systems.

Whenever the water in your storage tank dips below a certain temperature, it’s the pilot light’s job to kick in and warm the water again. Therefore, if the pilot light isn’t working on a hot water heater, it won’t work properly.

Possible reasons your hot water system pilot light isn’t working

  • A faulty or loose thermocouple
  • A broken or malfunctioning temperature valve
  • Issues with your gas line

6. Anything odd in the water

If your water has any sediment, be in dirt, sand, grit or your water looks unusual in any way, it’s a cause for concern and shouldn’t be ignored.

This can be caused by issues with your sacrificial anode, a metal rod constructed for your storage tank that attracts impurities and minerals in your water that could lead to rusting and corrosion in your system. Sometimes replacing this metal rod in your hot water tank is the solution.

Even if it isn’t an issue with your hot water system, if your water has any unusual colour, smell or texture, you should have if looked at as it could be a serious issue with your plumbing.

If your water is coming out rusty, it’s often a sign of corrosion in your storage hot water system. This is a common issue with tanks reaching the end of their lifespan, so if you have an older tank, it may be time to buy a new water heater.

Is it better to replace your system instead of trying to fix it?

There are certain times where everyone wonders whether it’s better to repair an appliance or replace it.

A general rule of thumb is that if the repairs cost more than 50% of the initial cost of the hot water system, you’re probably better off buying a new system. This is especially true when your system is over ten years old. Any old hot water system is eventually going to start to have issues and a lot of technological advancements can be made in ten years, so it’s probably best to look into a new system.

Also keep track at how often you’re having issues with your current hot water system. If you’re having a re-occurring problem (the sacrificial anode never attracts impurities, or it just seems to be one thing after another, it might be time to move on and buy a replacement heating system.

How long do gas hot water systems typically last?

With regular services, gas hot water systems will last between 8-12 years. Some factors can influence this including:

  • The environment you live in
  • The amount of usage your hot water gets
  • Any external influences (accidental damage, DIY repair gone wrong, corrosion of the tank, etc)
  • The brand of hot water system you buy

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