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Tankless vs. Traditional: Making the Switch to Continuous Hot Water

A hot water heater is a necessity for any household and is an investment you’ll be relying on for the next decade or more. If you’ve never purchased your own hot water heater before, or it’s just been a while, you may be surprised by the range of options available.

More and more Aussie households are purchasing tankless hot water systems, due to their energy-efficient design, lower running costs, space-saving size, and longer lifespan.
The defining difference between tankless and traditional water heaters is right there in the name. While traditional units require a storage tank for hot water, tankless models heat water on demand.

A range of benefits come with not requiring a tank, from fewer cold showers to saving money when using appliances. Let’s look deeper into why you should consider making the switch to a continuous hot water system.

Understanding Tankless Hot Water Systems

Tankless systems are referred to by a few different names, including continuous flow systems and on-demand hot water.

Instead of heating and storing water in a large tank, a continuous-flow hot water system works by having the water flow through a heating element, thereby heating your water on demand and eliminating the need for a storage tank.

By removing this reliance on stored water, your heater can provide water when needed. This has two key benefits. The system is more eco-friendly and has lower running costs because you won’t need to maintain the temperature of the stored water. Second, you won’t have to worry about running out of water because the system heats water when required.

Like traditional systems, continuous hot water systems are either powered by electricity or gas. There are also heat pump systems and the option to connect to solar power. Whatever your preferred energy source, there’s a continuous flow system for you.

Tankless systems use the latest technology to make them user-friendly, offering control over temperature, flow rate, and more.

Temperature control is fantastic for a family home, especially when bathing little ones, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your water while still maintaining the minimum Australian standard of 50 °C.

The biggest brands and manufacturers, including Stiebel Eltron, Rinnai, Dux, Bosch, and Rheem, all have tankless models available on the market.

To compare pricing and products available at Same Day Hot Water Service, take a look at our wide selection of instant hot water systems.

Space Efficiency and Aesthetic Advantages

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Even a smaller storage tank model takes up a noticeable amount of space, and the bigger the storage capacity, the more room it’ll take.

Regardless of the size of your home, we’re sure you could find a better use for that extra space. Tankless systems are compact and take up a fraction of the space that a traditional hot water storage tank would.

For modern homes, the sleek look of a tankless system will be more aesthetically appealing than the bulkier exterior of a storage tank.

Energy Efficiency: A Core Benefit

It’s no secret energy prices have been rising and putting a strain on households across the country. According to an Energy Australia blog post, up to 27% of a house’s energy bill can be attributed to the hot water heater. Therefore, an eco-friendly, energy-efficient option could have a long-lasting impact on your energy bills.

Traditional systems statistically have higher running costs because they need to constantly keep the water in the storage tank at a specific temperature.

This is to reduce the risk of bacteria and pollution, so while there’s a good reason behind this, it is costly. An on-demand system heats water when required, which greatly cuts down on running costs, saving you a bundle over the years.

There’s also the bonus of fewer greenhouse gas emissions, giving you a moral victory along with a financial one.

On-Demand Hot Water: Convenience and Comfort

There are few things more frustrating than the hot water cutting out mid-shower. Often, this occurs because the amount of hot water needed has exceeded how much was stored in the tank.

With a continuous flow hot water, your home will have an instant hot water supply. Eliminate waiting times and shortages and have constant, reliable hot water availability.

Whether it’s for showers on a cold winter morning or for washing dishes after a family meal, an instant hot water system provides a more reliable source of hot water to suit your lifestyle.

Comparing Lifespan and Maintenance

Electric Hot Water System Installer

Ask any plumber, and they’ll tell you the storage tank of a hot water heater tends to be the first thing to go. Storage tanks are susceptible to sediment buildup and, eventually, corrosion, which leads to leakage.

The eventual breakdown of the storage tank is the main reason why traditional systems have a shorter lifespan than tankless systems.

Having no tank means fewer parts and less need for maintenance. It should be noted that when repairs are needed, they will be more expensive. However, regular services will reduce your chances of needing major repairs.

Evaluating the Costs: Initial Investment vs. Long-term Savings

The one major deterrent many customers have towards continuous flow systems is the higher initial price compared to traditional hot water heaters.

Both in terms of the initial purchase of the unit itself and the installation costs tend to be higher for a tankless system. However, when purchasing a hot water heater, it is best to consider both the short and long-term costs.

While the initial investment cost will be higher for a tankless system compared to a traditional one, the running costs will be significantly lower.

A storage system requires constant energy usage to maintain a safe temperature in the water, whereas a tankless system negates this by heating on demand. On top of this, tankless systems have longer lifespans, and the long-term benefits are worth the initial prices.

Embracing the Future with Tankless Water Heating

While traditional hot water systems have served Aussie households for decades, tankless systems are a superior choice in a variety of ways.

The lack of a storage system cuts down on required maintenance and increases the lifespan of your system by several years. Furthermore, continuous flow systems provide more reliable hot water at lower running costs and with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Each household has its own unique needs, so you need to choose the right size and type of hot water system.

At Same Day Hot Water Service, our professional team knows everything there is to know about hot water systems and can help you choose the ideal unit for your needs.

For more information about system replacement, installation, repairs, and services, contact our friendly team today at 1300 256 904.

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