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Rheem Stellar 360L vs Rheem 295L 5 Star – Gas Hot Water Systems Comparison

Hot water is one of those things we all take for granted until we don’t have it. Choosing the right hot water system for you is about finding the balance between meeting your needs without blowing your budget. Rheem is one of the world’s highest regarded hot water system manufacturers and has become one the most popular brands in the Australian market.

This article will compare the Rheem Stellar 360L and the Rheem 295L 5-star hot water systems. The purpose is to provide a rundown of each so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next gas hot water unit.

Is it Time to Upgrade to a Rheem Gas Hot Water Heater?

Gas water heaters are a popular choice in Australian homes and businesses, and many customers swear by them. Hot water technology is constantly improving, and if it’s been a while since you bought your last system, you may be surprised how far things have come in the last decade or so. Newer gas heaters are more reliable, durable and energy efficient than their older counterparts, exemplified by Rheem’s products.

We often get asked when is the best time to replace an old system. If you’re having trouble with your current hot water system over ten years old, it may be time to buy a new one. Another reason to upgrade is that your needs have changed, such as growing your family.

Benefits of Rheem gas hot water heaters

  • Cheaper running costs than electrical hot water systems.
  • Unaffected by power outages.
  • Can store large amounts of hot water.
  • Modern-day heaters are more efficient.
  • Takes up less space than an electric hot water system.

360 Litre vs 295 Litre Storage Tank Capacity

The last thing you want is to be standing in a cold shower wishing you’d bought a bigger hot water heater. However, you don’t want to make the opposite mistake of wasting money on too large a storage tank.

The general rule of thumb is that each person needs about 50L. However, it’s also worth having an honest assessment of your habits and lifestyle. For example, do you and your loved ones have long showers or baths? Do you often have people staying over?

Another tip is to buy for the dwelling rather than who lives there, especially if you’re buying for an investment property or if you may move in the future. A four-bedroom house could have five or six people living there, so buying the 360-litre storage tank in this scenario is wise.

It is also worth considering appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and any appliances that would use hot water.

Rheem Stellar 360 Litre Gas Hot Water Heater

360L Rheem Stellar Gas Hot Water System

When it comes to gas hot water heaters, you can’t do much better than a Stellar 360L Gas Hot Water Heater. The Stellar 360L is an excellent 5-star energy-rated heating system with a fast recovery rate. Big families can test any hot water system, but the Rheem Stellar 360L provides enough hot water for the whole clan.


Supply only: $1610

Install and supply NSW: $1980

Install and supply QLD: $2130

Install and supply Vic: $2130

Install and supply WA: $1980


A Rheem Stellar 360L Gas Hot Water Heater is designed to be installed outside your home and can handle the elements.


Cylinder: 10 years

Labour: 3 years


  • 5-star energy rating means plenty of money saved on energy costs.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Replaces water faster than other gas heaters on the market.
  • High 200 litre per hour replacement rate.
  • The Stella Superflue increases both the efficiency and overall performance of your heater.


  • More expensive upfront costs than other system types.
  • If you don’t have a gas connection at your home, this will add to the cost of this system.

Rheem 295 Litre 5 Star Gas Hot Water Heater

Rheem 295L 5 Star Gas Hot Water System

A heater ideal for a medium-sized household that won’t break the bank, the Rheem 295L Gas Hot Water Heater is ideal for families of four or five. This system has a 5-star energy rating, which will help keep down running costs.

It also has the main pressure to ensure multiple taps can have hot water simultaneously (no more sudden cold showers when someone washes their hands).


Supply only: $1560

Supply and install NSW: $1890

Supply and install QLD: $2040

Supply and install VIC $2040

Supply and install WA: $1890


The Rheem 295L 5-Star Gas Hot Water Heater has a sleek, stylish design that seamlessly fits in with your home’s outdoor decor. It is also built to be durable against the elements.


Cylinder: 10 years

Parts and labour: 3 years

Warranty is dependent on terms and conditions.


  • Perfect for a household of five.
  • An affordable, reliable option for a medium-sized household.
  • 5-star energy efficiency means lower energy consumption.
  • 275 litre first-hour capacity rate.


  • Lower star rating than some other systems.
  • Smaller than the 360 litres, you’ll make sure this system covers your needs.
  • Not ideal for larger houses.

Which gas hot water heater is best?

Rheem is one of Australia’s most popular water heater brands for a reason, and both of the products covered in this article are high-quality, durable and provide reliable hot water. The key factor in determining the best system for you is the needs of your household and how much hot water you need.

For a three-bedroom or four-bedroom household, the Rheem 295L 5-Star Gas Heater System provides more than enough hot water while still being affordable.

If your household is any larger than this, you’ll need a larger system; therefore, the Stella 360L is your safest bet.

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