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Save Money on Your Energy Bills with a Hot Water Heat Pump

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Most homeowners don’t even think about their hot water until they really need to. We take it for granted until the old water heater breaks down or the water turns cold during a shower.

But because they can account for such a large chunk of our energy bills, doing a little bit of research before you invest in a new water heater could mean saving thousands of dollars in the long run.  A hot water system can be, after all, one of the most energy inefficient appliances in your home!

What is a hot water heat pump?

As well as saving you money, hot water heat pumps are better for the environment because they use a renewable energy source to heat the water. Much like a solar (PV) system utilises the sun to convert energy into power, hot water heat pumps use heat in the air and transfer it to the water to heat it.

How does a hot water heat pump work?

A heat pump water heater works like a refrigerator, but in reverse. It uses minimal electricity to draw in warm air from its surroundings and blow it across refrigerant-filled evaporator coils. It’s then pumped through a compressor and condenser coils around or in a water tank to heat the water.

Why are more people choosing hot water heat pumps?

Hot water heat pumps are growing in popularity all over the world as countries try to cut down on fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. They are being adopted in more large-scale commercial projects as well as in residential homes.

And as consumers become more savvy, more people are choosing green energy to power their homes. Because they are an Australian invention, developed in Melbourne in the 1970s, they are perfectly suited to Australia’s climate.

Reasons people choose hot water heat pumps include:

  • They are an environmentally-friendly option
  • Their low running cost compared to electric systems
  • Easy operation. Most come with panels to help you set when they heat, including the popular Reclaim and Evoheat brands.
  • There is a large range of options available. Whatever sort of property – home, office, or commercial premises – there is a hot water heat pump to suit.
  • Technology is improving their performance. Although they do make a low humming noise like an air conditioner when running, technology has now made them relatively quiet when operating.
  • Their installation is simple. They sit on the ground so they can quite easily replace a traditional electric system and don’t require solar panels to be mounted on your roof. There are two types of hot water heat pumps available to suit any site – split systems and integrated systems.
  • The greater number of people in households decreases the time it takes for a hot water heat pump to begin to pay for itself in savings on your energy bill. This means it’s a great solution for a growing family.

How hot water heat pumps save you money

Hot water heat pumps deliver more energy efficiency than any other hot water system on the market.

  • They are extremely efficient when it comes to energy use. They have a very low running cost compared to electric systems, using about one-third of the power.
  • Hot water heat pumps can provide even more economic savings and environmental benefits if your home already has a solar (PV) system in place that generates more electricity than your house’s daytime demand.
  • Governement incentives and rebates are available in some states when you replace an electric or gas hot water system with a heat pump.

How does a heat pump system compare to other water heating systems?

Heat pump water heaters are increasingly being seen as an important part of a sustainable future right across the globe. This is due largely to their super-efficiency in terms of electricity use.

Heat pump systems:

  • Are highly efficient and use very little electricity, especially compared to traditional electric hot water systems.
  • Are very environmentally friendly. Most state governments recommend replacing electric or gas hot water systems with more efficient heat pump water heaters.
  • Require very little maintenance. They only require the filter to be cleaned every few months.
  • Represent great value for money. Although the price of your initial investment may be higher than other systems, the running costs over the life of the system are much lower.
  • Another advantage is the larger your household, the quicker the systems pay for themselves.
  • The warmer the outside air temperature, the easier it is for the heat pump to provide hot water. While once only recommended for warmer climates, technology has made them suitable no matter how low outside temperatures typically fall.
  • A heat pump can be used as a type of thermal battery if a timer is used to heat water during the day in conjunction with a solar system.

Other heating systems:

  • Solar hot water can limit the space you have available for a solar (PV) system to create energy for the rest of your power needs. They can also be unreliable in cooler states such as Victoria where they may require an electric or gas booster system for optimal performance in the winter months.
  • Electric hot water systems rely on an element and storage tank to deliver hot water. They are the cheapest to buy but the most expensive to run by far.
  • While gas hot water systems have long been considered the most economical, improvements to the efficiency of heat pump systems mean that is no longer the case. If non-existent, the installation of gas lines is a costly, major project.

Is a hot water heat pump the best solution for your daily energy needs?

The biggest determining factor in the cost of running your heat pump water heater is the electricity tariff that the system will run on. The tariff refers to how you are charged by your electricity provider for your usage. The type of tariff you have can depend largely on where you live and even what type of meter you have. The electricity tariff can vary greatly from state to state and with different providers.

Where can I get more information on hot water heat pumps?

Same Day Hot Water Service has a great range of heat pump hot water systems available for purchase. We are professionals who can help you get out of hot water when your water heater has issues, or you need questions about your current service answered.

Loaded with up to date information, our customer service is second to none. So call today on 1300 721 996  for all you heat pump hot water needs.

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