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The Complete Guide to Vulcan Hot Water Systems for Your Home

Vulcan hot water system

Most homeowners don’t think about what kind of water heating system they have until it stops working. If your system is more than ten years old, you may notice some symptoms to indicate that your hot water heater is at the end of its lifecycle. As you search for a new hot water system, you may have discovered the popular Vulcan brand of hot water systems.

If you’ve landed yourself in cold water and it’s time to install a new system, a Vulcan hot water system is both high in quality and affordable in price. Today, we’ll look at all the benefits of a Vulcan hot water system and how to choose one for your building.

The benefits of using a Vulcan system in your home

  1. Built with quality in mind: Vulcan only uses high – quality materials and prove n, innovative technology, ensuring each system is built to be the best.
  2. Made tough: The storage cylinder of Vulcan hot water systems is made to be tough with stainless steel to withstand varying pressures from water and heating cycles.
  3. Adaptable: Vulcan systems are built to be easy to install, maintain and service, with a balanced flue and steel jackets that can fit against the wall or recessed into a wall cavity.
  4. Strong from the inside out: Vulcan prides itself on the strength of its systems from the inside out, with high strength steel creating a storage cylinder that can withstand the various demands and pressures of heating water.
  5. Known and loved by Australians: There is nothing more inconvenient than when something breaks, and the replacement part is n’t available in the country. Vulcan has spare parts readily available and partnerships with several plumbers and electricians, so you never need to wait long for your hot water if something goes wrong.

How to choose the right type of Vulcan system for your home

When selecting a new hot water system for your home, one of the main choices to make comes down to power type. Vulcan systems are available in both gas and electric, and the best choice will depend on the kind of connections you have in your home and your goals for efficiency and price.

The debate between gas and electric hot water systems has been going on since the first drips of hot water flowed from each, with some people preferring cost over efficiency or vice versa.

  • Gas hot water systems are cheaper to run. Plus, you don’t need to worry about scheduling your showers during off-peak times to save a few dollars.
  • Electric hot water systems are cheaper to buy. This makes them a more popular choice for people who don’t plan to stick around in their current home long enough to experience lower power bills.

How to choose your Vulcan hot water system based on storage capacity

Vulcan makes many excellent electric hot water heater systems. To choose the best one for you, simply pick your water system based on the average amount of water used within your household. Vulcan offers a wide range of options for large and small houses, from 80 litres to a huge 400 – litre capacity.

This can be a better choice for those with large families or a constant stream of visitors, with the 400 – litre tank supplying hot water during a continuous tariff for up to 9 people. The off – peak limit isn’t bad either, with up to 6 people enjoying reliable hot water with a 400 – litre tank. Additionally, suppose you’re becoming a landlord or plan to purchase an investment property. In that case, an electric hot water system can be an affordable and reliable choice that both you an d your tenants can reap the benefits of.

When deciding between Vulcan’s gas or electric systems, go with what makes the most sense for your home, lifestyle, and plans. You can rest assured that either will be built with strength, reliability, and efficiency in mind and with warranties of 7 – 10 years or longer; you can’t go wrong.

Vulcan hot water litre sizes:

Think Vulcan is right for you?

Same Day Hot Water stocks a wide range of Vulcan hot water systems for installation and supply only in both gas and electric varieties. Our experienced team know hot water systems inside and out and can offer in – depth advice specific to your household and family needs. Moreso, if you’re in New South Wales, Victoria, or Queensland, we can provide your complete hot water system solution with installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Click here to browse our Vulcan range, or get in touch today to discuss all things hot water.

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