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Rheem Hot Water Systems & Water Heaters

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Rheem hot water problems? Look no further- Same Day Hot Water is the specialists when it comes to Rheem products.

Leaking Rheem hot water system? No hot water coming from your Rheem hot water system? Not enough hot water coming from your Rheem hot water system? If you are experiencing any of the above or another hot water issue Same Day Hot Water is here to help.

Interested in a Rheem Gas Hot Water System?
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Same Day Hot Water Service offers reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and qualified technicians that are well versed in all of the Rheem hot water systems. We have been in business for 27 years and pride ourselves on our great reputation from customers.

Supplying and Installing Rheem Hot Water Systems

The Same Day Hot Water Team offers the following services for Rheem hot water systems:

Rheem Hot Water Systems Service

The Same Day Hot Water Team are the hot water specialists. Trust us to provide you with superior service when we service your Rheem hot water heater.

We provide the following services:

Rheem: A Brief History on Rheem

Rheem was originally a drum manufacturing company. Rheem entered the Australian market in 1936. The first Rheem water heater manufactured in Australia was at Waterloo, an inner Sydney suburb, in 1939.

Rheem is currently owned by Paloma Co. LTD which is a multinational hot water, heating, and cooling company.

Rheem has now been in the hot water systems business for over 70 years and has established and built a trusted and highly regarded reputation for providing reliable and dependable hot water systems.

Rheem is the market leader in the Australian hot water industry delivering products that have been relied upon by many Australian families.

What do Rheem Hot Water Systems offer?

In addition to their reputation and extensive range of high quality hot water models, Rheem products offer additional features and benefits.

Mains Pressure

  • All Rheem hot water systems feature mains pressure. This means the hot water system is able to power multiple taps simultaneously
  • So if the shower was being used and the dishwasher was running at the same time your Rheem hot water system is able to power both of these without a loss in pressure

Australian Made Products

  • If you are interested in an Australian made hot water heater check out the Rheem Stellar® products. This includes Rheem Stellar gas, Rheem Stellar Electric Stainless Steel, and Rheem Stellar Electric

Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems visit page

link to Rheem gas hot water systems

  • Largest selection of high efficiency hot water heaters
  • Largest manufacturer in Australia
  • 5, 7 or 10 year cylinder warranty models available

Instantaneous or Continuous Hot Water Systems visit page

  • Compact, efficient design
  • Environmentally friendly

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems visit page

  • Off peak, time of use, or continuous electricity tariff economical options available for energy usage
  • Warranty: 7, 10, or 12 year warranty on cylinders
  • Indoor installation available
  • Wide selection of capacities: 25 litre to 400 litre capacity

Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems visit page

  • Innovative design and technology
  • Options to suit your needs and preferences
    • Roof mounted solar panel collectors and storage cylinder
    • Roof mounted solar panel collector & ground storage tank
  • Efficient using the sun’s energy to produce hot water

Rheem Heat Pump visit page

  • Efficient, innovative design and technology
    • Uses the heat from the air to produce hot water
    • Always have hot water no matter what the weather due to back up element in every model
  • 5 year cylinder warranty
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