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Don’t miss this – Heat Pump Hot Water System Rebate in Victoria

Eviroheat water system

With energy prices soaring and the cost of living climbing, now is the time to make the most of the hot water system rebate in Victoria.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get government assistance for purchasing a more efficient hot water system and the cost savings that come with it.

Solar and heat pump hot water system rebate for Victorians

The Victorian Government is offering a 50% rebate (up to $1000) for eligible Victorian households to assist with the purchase price of switching to a heat pump or solar hot water system.

Who qualifies for this rebate?

Eligible households must:

  • Have an income of less than $180,000 (that is a combined household taxable income – before tax)
  • Be an owner-occupier of the home receiving the hot water system, with the home valued at under $3 million
  • Have an existing hot water system that is more than 3 years old
  • Be installing a new hot water system that is on the Clean Energy Regulator’s register of solar hot water heaters
  • Not have received a solar battery rebate or a solar hot water rebate previously under the Solar Homes Program


How to get your hot water heat pump rebate

There is a three part process to getting the hot water rebate for your Victorian home.

1. Get a quote for your solar or heat pump hot water system

Start by talking to a reliable plumber about which hot water system to choose for you and your family.

When you’ve found the right water heater, get a quote from your plumber or retailer (ensuring it is on the approved products list for rebate eligibility).

It is important to only get a quote at this stage. You need a quote to get an eligibility number and apply for the rebate, but if you buy and install the hot water system before getting approval, you won’t receive the rebate.

If it is an emergency and the new heat pump or solar hot water system is required to keep hot water flowing, Solar Victoria will accept applications that fit a specific emergency criterion to ensure families are not without hot water. They do warn, however, that anyone applying this way should be prepared in case they are not approved for any other reason.

2. Apply for the solar or heat pump hot water system rebate

To start the application process, there are forms and documentation listed on the Solar Victoria website to fill out and submit. The entire application can be done online.

Once received, Solar Victoria will assess your eligibility. If approved, they will confirm with you and your quote provider to begin the hot water system installation process.

3. Install your new heat pump or solar hot water system

Once your application is approved, your hot water system provider will work with you to book a date for install and put in your new hot water system.

Solar Victoria will pay the rebate directly to your provider, who will deduct the amount from your invoice.

It is important to note that the rebate is calculated AFTER any other discounts like the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate savings through the Victorian Energy Upgrade Scheme.


How to choose between the eligible hot water systems

There is a specific list of heat pumps and solar hot water systems you need to choose from, but within that list, there is still a wide range of options and brands.

The basics of heat pump hot water systems

Heat pumps use refrigeration technology to extract heat from the air and typically use 60-75% less electricity than traditional hot water systems.

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of heat pump hot water systems, chat with our Same Day Hot Water Service team who know the ins and outs of every kind of hot water system and can help you find the right fit.

The basics of solar hot water systems

Solar hot water systems use the sun’s power to heat hot water and are a popular renewable energy choice. It involves having panels on your roof (or elsewhere on your property if you have space), and has an electric booster to kick in when there isn’t enough sun.

If you’re wondering if a solar hot water system is worth it, or trying to weigh up the difference between solar and other hot water systems, give our friendly service team a call. They can answer your questions and help you find the right solution for your home.



Upgrade your water heat pump today

Ready to make the switch to a more energy efficient and cost friendly hot water system?

Make the most of the heat pump and solar hot water rebates in Victoria and contact us for a quote to start the process.

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